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Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Lila Cassen was the most successful Spanish singer in the 90s until she mysteriously disappeared from one day to the next. Ten years later, Lila is preparing for her triumphant return to the stage, but, just before the long-awaited date, she loses her memory in an accident. Violeta lives under the thumb of her troubled daughter Marta. Every evening, she escapes from her reality by doing the only thing that makes her happy: emulating Lila Cassen at the karaoke bar where she works. One day Violeta receives a fascinating offer: to teach Lila Cassen how to once again become Lila Cassen.

Release date: 26 October 2018


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  • Cast: Najwa Nimri, Eva Llorach, Natalia de Molina, Carme Elías, Julián Villagrán
  • Director: Carlos Vermut
  • Writer: Carlos Vermut
  • Producer: Enrique López Lavigne
  • Exec. Producers: Marta Velasco, Alejandro Arenas, Mar Ilundain, Enrique López Lavigne
  • Production Manager: Pilar Robla
  • Cinematographer: Edu Grau
  • Editor: Marta Velasco
  • Composer: Alberto Iglesias
  • Art Director: Laia Ateca
  • Costumes: Ana López Cobos
  • Make-up and hair: Rafael Mora, Anabel Beato
  • Sound: Daniel de Zayas