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Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Alex, Gabi and Oky are three teenagers living in a big city. They are strangers to their parents, their teachers and even to themselves. What would happen if we could find out what they were thinking and know what they would like to do? Their emotional isolation, taken to the extreme, will have unexpected consequences that will shake society.

Release date: 25 May 2012


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  • Cast: Marina Comas, Àlex Monner, Albert Baró, Aina Clotet, Ana Fernández, José Luis García Pérez
  • Director: Patricia Ferreira
  • Writers: Patricia Ferreira, Virginia Yagüe
  • Producer: Miriam Porté
  • Exec. Producers: Miriam porté, Gonzalo Bendala
  • Production Manager: Marta Velasco
  • Cinematographer: Sergi Gallardo
  • Editor: Antonio Frutos
  • Composer: Pablo Cervantes
  • Art Director: Irene Montcada
  • Costumes: Marta Wazinger
  • Make-up and hair: Rafael Mora
  • Sound: Jordi Cirbian, CAS